Earth Empire

The Empire is probably the strongest interstellar polity in the human universe. It is ruled by a semi-hereditary First Citizen (known colloquially at 'The Emperor').
Up to early 3215 the First Citizen was Henry Rathbone.
From 3215 the First Citizen is Jianyu Zhang

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The Imperium has Quadrant Governments in all eight of the Outer Quadrants.

Quadrant One : Colonial Capital Summers World
Quadrant Two : Colonial Capital Screwdriver
Quadrant Three : Colonial Capital Balus
Quadrant Four : Colonial Capital Chynarr
Quadrant Five : Colonial Capital D'Has
Quadrant Six : Colonial Capital Weygand Earth Empire Q6
Quadrant Seven : Colonial Capital Dolha Earth Empire Q7
Quadrant Eight : Colonial Capital Good Credentials

See Solar Republic and Earth and Earth Empire Q6