Quadrant 7. Grid 648112
Earth Empire System


Dyme is an important system among the Earth Empire's Quadrant 7 colonies.
The main city is Numenius on the northern continent.
Chief of City Police: Police-Brigadier Juliet Foxtrot

First Battle of Dyme

Stardate 3197.332
This was a second encounter for Task Group 7 with the Exterminator menace, the previous one being a skirmish in which the marines from the ESS Agamemnon captured one of the detachable modules of a Exterminator. This time Admiral Burwasher (commanding) had gathered every operational starship with a view to crushing a (hopefully) damaged enemy.
In this battle, the fleet went for a rapid attack, using maximum firepower, especially from the Pacifiers. This was a costly battle, but the end result was the destruction of the enemy in a final volley of nuclear missiles.

Second Battle of Dyme

Stardate 3198.016
Admiral 'Exterminator Killer' Burwasher, commanding a reinforced Task Group 7, pounced on a threatening Exterminator just outside the M25 of Dyme. The enemy was critically damaged and beaten off.