Draconian 'Empire'

The Draconian colony was a single breakaway world, in the system of Draconis in Quadrant 7, inhabited by an astonishingly arrogant culture.
The bulk of the population used cyborg technology to an unprecedented degree - where the rest of the universe prefer techniques of human genetic engineering to achieve near perfect humanity, the Draconians believed that only in partnership with machines can humanity reach its peak. These extreme Transhumanists never managed to make their dream work very well.

In 3204 the colony failed as a result of infighting and warfare - thus bringing the Draconian 'Empire' to an end.

Some of the survivors went on to become more integrated citizens in the colony of New Draconis (also in Quadrant 7).

The Draconis system was re-colonised with a more balanced mix of colonists and along more familiar lines. All talk of 'The Draconian Empire' is muted now, as many transhumans regard it as a bit of a 'blip'.
That said, Draconis does have a high proportion of transhumans in its population and is known for it robust frontier attitudes. Many of the military of the New Republic come from Draconis.