Quadrant 6. Grid 636972

First Battle of Doggie

In 3197 Earther Task Group 11, commanded by Admiral L Phillips, engaged an Exterminator as it attempted to destroy the colony. The fleet approached cautiously and engaged at long range with heavy units. These quickly started to take damage, and the pacifiers proved inadequate against the Exterminator Shadows. The Admiral ordered the battleships to engage more closely, but the Exterminator firepower caused significant damage. The Exterminator then broke up into individual 'Viking' units and the segments continued to engage independently. The Admiral decided that maintaining the fleet was more important than defeating the enemy, and withdrew to Weygand, reluctantly leaving Doggie to its fate.

Second Battle of Doggie

StarDate 3198.064
The Earthers learned that the Exterminator forces at Doggie were still there. Assembling new forces (including reinforcements from the Home Systems) - Task Group 9 under Admiral Smith - they resumed the war by seeking out the Exterminator enemy. Arriving at Doggie, the TG found the Exterminators in the process of bombarding the inhabited world of Doggie III. Burning inwards to engage it became plain that the enemy consisted of a number of viking units (and no fully formed ESBs). Despite this the battle was prolonged and bloody - resulting in the destruction of the enemy. On completion of the space battles, the TG became aware of a Exterminator installation under construction on Doggie IV. After a brief period for reorganisation, Admiral Smith launched an ad-hoc Marine Brigade, supported by the handful of surviving pacifiers, under Brigadier Jones to assault the position. After a bold and daring descent by shuttles right on to the top of the position, and a short action, the position was taken. It turned out that the installation was less well armed that expected - it being still in a very early stage of construction.

Third Battle of Doggie

In 3210, Doggie was attacked by a strong force of unidentified aliens (believed subsequently to be Roaches). This fleet arrived and attacked without warning, sweeping the defending starguard and station pacifiers aside, and shooting down the system orbital (with a loss of over 20,000 lives). The alien invaders then carried out widespread landings on the surpface of Doggie, engaging and defeating defending planet guard units. Many human prisoners were taken, and the aliens rapidly withdrew from the planet and the system on the arrival of Q6DF Allied forces, spearheaded by a large Earther Battlefleet. Considerable damage was done to the colony, but it was not destroyed.