Senator Dermond MAFC

Philip Dermond was born on the Quadrant 4 world known as 'The Hump' (Although at the time of his birth it was known as 'Stephan's Bloody Rock'), in the main city of Chasmstop, situated in the mouth of 'Stephan's Bloody Great Canyon' which snakes across the whole width of the main continent.

He entered university to study engineering and fell rapidly into politics (mostly of a radical nature - Martian reunification in particular). After the death of his wife he moved full-time into politics and secured the post of Speaker for the Pathfinders' Guild in the planetary assembly, campaigning on a basis of planetary self-sufficiency.

Over the next six years he rose steadily on the political scene, until the intervention of a murder case. Dermond was charged with the deaths of two off-worlders and served five years hard labour, protesting his innocence the whole time. Concealed evidence was uncovered and it became apparent that the whole case had been a smear. Dermond's political career got back on track at this point and he worked his way back to a position of pre-eminence in Hump politics. Over the next decade he was a perennial figure, but always hesitating to be involved at a higher level than planetary, but at the age of 50 he finally moved into the interplanetary arena as the Q4 senator, due to his steadfast support for local issues. Dermond moved steadily through a variety of portfolios until arriving at Domestic Affairs, where he appears to have taken root. He is not a confrontational politician, but has a reputation of a man who will stop at very little to get his own way in the end.

Senator Dermond stood down from active political life in protest at the actions of the MAFC during the 'Douglas Incident'