‘The Phantoms’


The Earth Marine Corps provides a body of exceptionally well trained and effective elite troops and their role as the premier assault troops of space can suit them to a variety of situations - but their primary training and doctrine is not all that well suited to some of the more fluid situations, or to certain specialised tasks.

The DSF was created to provide this flexibility.
It is not organisationally part of the Marine Corps or the Navy, and there was some opposition to its existence from both groups.
The DSF reports to and is tasked directly by Imperial Joint High Command.


The DSF is organised into Squadrons (of about 50-80 personnel each).
Teams for a specific task are drawn from the parent Squadron and trained for specific operations with the emphasis on flexibility and professionalism. These Teams are allocated to in-theatre commanders as required and withdrawn at the end of the task.

The DSF includes a number of ancillary elements which are designed to make it autonomous and self-sufficient for most of its roles.
It therefore includes a Support Branch which provides training, intelligence, operational analysis, logistics and transport functions.


There are a wide variety of roles for which the DSF is employed.

a. Close protection / rescue of VVIPs.

b. Deep reconnaissance

c. Intelligence gathering

d. Search and destroy, sabotage, interdiction, disruption.

e. Pathfinding for other forces.

f. Weapon testing / evaluation.


Operations allegedly conducted by the DSF are generally highly classified, and pretty wall always denied by the Earth Government. This obsession with sececy can lead to some difficulties where friendly governments are concerned.