Cyborg Humans

Cyborging - or the ability to graft technological enhancements onto the human body has been around for some time. Humanity as a whole tends to prefer to be perfect but human, rather than a mixture of human and machine (just as most people would rather have perfect eyesight than glasses). It tends only to be the psychotic personality that chooses to, in effect, self-multiate by adding cyborg components to their bodies.

That said - there are those who choose to cyborg - even though it is more expensive and painful than gene-engineering - akin to the 21st century fashion of body-piercing.
It is also done by some naturals who wish to make a political point as well.

A drawback of the process is that the more cyborging that is done, the less human the cyborg becomes - cyborging has been shown to increase the incidence of psychotic behaviour.

Some worlds have made Cyborg operations illegal, due to the links between cyborgs and criminal activity. Other worlds have embraced cyborging as a political creed, though generally one wonders about the political and social stability of such a system.

Cyborging is common among Belter communities, mainly to assist with survival in difficult environments. This is thought to contribute to the sense of separation that many Belters feel towards mainstream humanity.

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