Class 1000 Interstellar Merchant

The smallest class of interstellar merchant Starship.

Minimum operating crew: 6
Spare Occupancy: 2
Cargo Capacity: 4 Cargo Pod
Approximate cost new: 2.7m credits

Armed variant - C1A

1 Multi Cannon

Specialised Variant C1AS

The Greater Federation of Asteel Navy has commissioned a class known as the C1AS for scouting missions, particularly in the uninhabited outser sectors of the Universe, this is configured as follows:
Armament : 1 Multi Cannon
Operating crew: 8 volunteer GFAN personnel
Spare Occupancy: 0
Cargo Pod allocation:
Pod 1 : One-shot robot-piloted pacifier pod
Pod 2 : Hab-pod for 2-3 Starship Marines with 4-5 Combat Robots
Pod 3 : Sensor Pack
Pod 4 : Additional suplies and crew facilities.

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