Centauri Conglomerate

Formed from the original exploration companies that exploited the first colonies on Alpha Centauri, the original companies, Mizu Zaibatsu, NASA Corp and Solartech have now dissapeared as separate entities, but their corporate philosophies have remained in the political life of the Conglomerate.

Quadrant 0


Chief Executive and Chair of the Centauri Democratic Board: Virgil Atlantic

Deputy Chief Executive and Finance Director: Conrad White
OR Director: Ibrahim Ba Suwaydan
Compliance Director (Head of the Office of the Regulator): Camilla Olivetti
Marketing and Corporate Relations Director: Marcella Bich
Director of Security (Head of Office of Defence): Feroze Gandhi
Director of Econint HQ: Tokuji Hayakawa
Director of MIND HQ: Imra Ardeen


Ops Director Fleet Defiance: Otto M√łnsted
Ops Director Fleet Partnership: Martha Ballard
Ops Director Fleet Harmony: Antonia Sinkel

Quadrant 4


Chief Executive: Elcon Myer

Compliance Director: Carl Frederik Tietgen
Marketing and Corporate Relations Director: Alessandra Darracq


Ops Director Fleet Hope: Rokk Krinn
Ops Director Fleet Champion: Tinya Wazzo

Quadrant 7


Chief Executive: Berthold Israel

Compliance Director: Chubei Itoh
Marketing and Corporate Relations Director: Louisa Tripp


Ops Director Fleet Protector: Garth Ranzz
Ops Director Fleet Safeguard: Luornu Durgo

Quadrant 8


Chief Executive: Henriette Germain

Compliance Director: Abraham Penhas
Marketing and Corporate Relations Director: Joan Wanamaker


Ops Director Fleet Merger: Reep Daggle
Ops Director Fleet Affiliate: Thom Kallor