Cargo Pod

The standard cargo pod is 10m x 10m x 20m.
This can carry one of the following options:

  • 18 vehicles (such as personal transports, small trucks etc) or
  • 8 large vehicles (such as tanks, APCs trucks etc)
  • A modified habitation pod for 24 people in reasonable comfort or
  • 1000 Pax in close bulk storage or
  • Rations of water and food for 30,000 person-days or
  • 1 x one-shot Pacifier launch system or
  • 1 x Multi Cannon weapon pod or
  • Shuttle parking bay for up to Medium shuttle or
  • Tug parking bay for up to 3 x tugs or
  • The equivalent of 18 x old-style ISO Containers or
  • Short range troop transport equivalent to 500 Pax (less than 12 hours) or
  • around 18 Megadons in live storage (drugged, obviously)
  • one ship-to-ship missile system with 4 missiles.