The Capitata Corporation is relitively new in Quadrant 6. Originally created around 3199 as a technology and development Corp on Over, the GFA Quadrant Capital. Over the last decade and a half it has successfully developed its position within the quadrant, particularly in worlds of the Earth Empire.

A respected economic journalist, Jamillah Bhatt, writing in 'The Universalist' in 3215 said:
"Capitata is a shining example of all that is good about the thrusting and innovating tech sector in the colonial quadrants. It has long been a given that technology and innovation flow only one way, out from the 'shining homeworlds'. But here we are able to see that local talent can pay off. Much of the credit goes to the CEO, Bettman P. Lyles, whose charismatic leadership has been an example to may growing corporations in the quadrant. As I write, in 3216, Capitata is demonstrating financial leadership in agriculture, colonial development, shipping and heavy industry. LexCorp look out - the young guns are coming!"

The Demise of Capitata

Following accusations of Capitata funding right wing political movements, the colonial governments of the GFA, Mars, and Sirius in Q6 sequestered company assets and created very hostile operating environment, such that, in 3217, the Corporation announced that it was forced to dissolve and cease business due to "..hostile business conditions...".
In an official statement, the outgoing Corporate board said: "We are just saddened by that fact that everyone in Q6 seems to be against legitimate economic growth in the quadrant. Only the Earth Empire seemed to be willing to promote proper growth and local industries, but we really do fear for the state of the Q6 economy after such a shameful display from Mars, GFA & Sirius..."