Admiral Nicolai "Wild Bill" Borsoi VN

Adm. Borsoi was educated at the Marshall Zhukov Military Academy School for Orphans of Heroes of the Republic. His father was killed during operations against Esteeler forces in Quadrant 1 when they were waging an undeclared piratical war of destabilisation against the Venerian colonies in that quadrant.

His mother lost her life during counter-insurgency operations in quadrant 4 when the Earther regime was fostering discontent amongst the loyal subjects of the Republic. With such a tragic start in life, alone at the age of seven, he grew up with an abiding hatred of all things Earther and Esteeler, and a determination to avenge his parents.

He graduated from the academy with honours and was accepted into the Venerian Naval Officers Academy, despite misgivings on the part of some of the selection board about his temperament and stability. During his time at the Academy he gained a reputation as a gifted strategist but found it difficult to socialise with his fellow students. The only student with whom he established a lasting relationship was the current Chief of Naval Staff, Adm. Erika von Danikin, but she was always defensive when asked about the rope burns on her wrists and ankles after the weekends they spent on leave together.

After a short period of duty in the outer quadrants, in fact in quadrants 2 and 3 as it is Venerian policy to keep personnel from places of personal tragedy, he was sent to Venerian Naval Staff College and graduated with very high marks. Subsequently he served on the staff of several fleets until the 9th. Strategic Fleet was formed and he was selected, by the Chief of Naval Staff, as its first commander. Adm Borsoi and the Chief of Naval Staff spent a week alone in a secluded government country home thrashing out the exact responsibilities of commanders of these new Strategic Fleets.

In his private life he has had a series of stormy relationships with women, never managing to establish anything resembling a permanent bond with any except von Danikin. Outside of his naval career he is passionate about his hobby, the collecting of archaic and ancient restraint and corporal punishment devices.