Boldy Go, Operation

Operation Boldly Go was the greatest joint expedition in human history which set off at the beginning of 3203 in search of the previously unknown alien civilisation, believed to exist some 750 parsecs from human space.
Evidence for this civilisation came from 2000 year old transmission detected as a result of the ESS Odyssey mission to the Galactic Centre.

This great expedition consisted of hundreds of naval personnel and scientists from all nations, in several ships. It reached the putative civilisation in the middle of 3205 and returned to human space in 3207.

The initial reports indicated that the alien civilisation is very advanced, operating interstellar ships of up to 1km in length and capable of lifting off from a planet with no detectable burn signature.

No contact was made with these 'Boldly Go Aliens' (or BGA as they have become known), and the exploration fleet returned home with a wealth of scientific observations.

Map of BGA systems surveyed by Operation Boldly Go

Since the original Boldly Go Mission, there are rumours of less publicised follow up missions by a number of Governments.

Image of BGA starship