Independent Colony in Quadrant 3


The colony agreed a planetary constitution at the end of 3212. Under this constitution the original six colonies created a federal system, with a Senate made up of 400 members drawn proportionately from each colony. The President of the Association has some executive powers, particularly in the areas of defence, trade and diplomacy.
Of the original six colonies, the most significant was the Red Banner Colony of the north continent as the most economically powerful, and the first elected President, Vladimir Perkins was the Executive Chair of that colony up until his election in 3213. Perkins was re-elected in 3219.

Colonial history

3219 Above Average
3218 Average
3217 Below Average
3215-3216 Poor
3208-3214 Very Poor
3207 Poor
3206 Very Poor
3205 Poor
3203-3204 Very Poor
3179-3202 Subsitence
3170-3178 Just Settled