Battle of Zubat

This was a battle between the Wolf359 Royal Navy and a coalition of fleets from Earth, the GFA and the Venerian Republic.

The Royal Navy fleet (Task Force Holy Wind) was under the temporary command of the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom (KPGK) with a mission to exterminate the Roach enclave on Zubat Q0.

In order to ensure the Mass Driving attack would get through, the bulk of the Royal Navy in quadrant 0 was assigned to the task or escorting a small group of rocks targeted on the Roach-inhabited areas of the planet.

The Allied fleets co-ordinated their response and were forced to attack the Royal Naval force to get at the rock to destroy or divert them. In the ensuing battle a number of capital ships were wrecked, and the allied fleets were forces to break off. While the main fleets were engaged, a small force of destroyers, which had been making a silent running approach on a different vector launched a secondary planetary bombardment attack, using their HELLs, on the Roach settlement, killing several thousand aliens.

Fortunately, a recall message was received by the KPGK commander of the RN fleet before the rocks reached the point of no return. RN Plasmatic Battleships vapourised the rocks.

This signaled the end of the Battle of Zubat.


The Governments of the UOX, Earth Empire and the GFA made very strong representations to the Wolf359 government alleging a major breach of international law.
The crisis arising from the Battle of Zubat caused the fall of the Wolf government and the election of Prime Minister St Just early in 3215.