The Marine Corps has many tasks to perform, and there is a premium on fully trained personnel. As a result, the Navy recruited experienced spacers, sometimes on a part-time basis, to form a reserve force of Auxiliary Marines (sometimes called 'Colonial Marines'). These are not trained or equipped to the standards of full fledged marines, but they are sufficiently experienced in zero-g and in basic combat drills to act in a number of supporting roles.

In the Earth Empire, the role of the Auxiliary Marine Regiment is defined as:

" supplement and support Regular Forces in times of emergency and to provide, as necessary at other times, protection for essential logistics, communication and transportation elements during Naval and Marine operations."

In operational terms, Regular marine regiments are often 'paired' with a local Auxiliary regiment.

Auxiliary regiment personnel usually sign on for local deployment within the quadrant, and may not be used outside the Earth Empire (i.e. on offensive operations against other polities). Most never serve outside their own system.

Approximately one third of the Auxiliary Marine Corps is made up of part-timers.


Other polities typically organise auxiliary marines along similar lines to those of Earth.

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