Augustus Humperdink Nonboris,

A leading son of the major branch of the [Nonboris Family of Quadrant 7, in 3220 surprised commentators by bypassing most of the normal progression of quadrant politics and advancing straight to the deputy governership and then to an MAFC Federal Senatorial seat. After the fall from grace of Senator Banderas, party-political maneuvering allowed Augustus to secure the vacant Minister for War position in the ICC "triumvirate" after veteran MAFC politico Minos Cornelius stepped in for the disgraced Banderas as ICC President.

It would be cynical, and even slightly inaccurate, to attribute this entirely to the deployment of the vast Nonboris family fortunes in their collective political interest. Augustus campaigned on a platform that was deeply resonant to the residents of Q7, who perhaps feel that their rugged traditions of independence and self-reliance have been penalised by insufficient consideration to the defence of their lives and property by Q0-centric "Unioners", even within the MSN itself. Augustus has mobilised a campaign which has in effect demanded - implied but as yet unspoken - that Q7 be given a full seat at the table in the MAFC and ICC - or take its extremely valuable skills and resources elsewhere, to a polity that can provide robust defence of life and limb (not to mention preserving the smooth operation of profitable commerce).

Like most young men of the quadrant (and indeed of the MAFC), Augustus served in the MSN, albeit in a Planetary Guard formation, and had a short but not undistinguished tour as a Pacifier pilot before returning to the family business to assume a succession of senior roles. His career in MAFC politics - which his family have traditionally avoided - began with the advent of the Exterminator Wars. Augustus had a leading role in Nonboris family sponsored philanthropic and humanitarian relief operations, deploying the considerable resources of the Syndicates to assist Martian and non-Martian colonies alike as the scale of the human catastrophe in Q7 unfolded. It is these experiences that appear to have transformed a typical self-interested, self-described "oxygen farmer" into a political figure and campaigner for so-called "quadrants' rights".

Politically, initially Augustus was aligned to the FMP (for whom he was elected as Deputy Governor, itself a surprising result. It is suspected that his move to the MCGP, while not at all out of keeping with his (and his family's) politics, was tactical, if not opportunistic. Augustus (or his highly professional and highly paid political advisors) appear to have divined early that the writing was on the wall for Senator Banderas, and managed to bring not just his original constituents but a large proportion of the Q7 electorate with him when he "aligned" himself to the MCGP. Within party circles it is acknowledged that in the current climate, the MCGP needs Nonboris a significant degree more than he needs them. The robust defence of Q7 was what his electorate demanded, along with leadership of the party for the man himself, and the "equal defence of all quadrants" (whatever that means, exactly) is now a cornerstone (but non-binding) platform pledge of the polity-wide MCGP. Augustus also campaigned on the slogan "We Can NOT Allow a Gravitic Gap!", which proved highly popular both with the larger industrial concerns of Q0, and their extensive networks of employees, suppliers, etc, and of course the hugely influential MSN itself.

With such a brief political track record for the man, and equally for the involvement of the whole Nonboris dynasty in "big P" politics, his next moves are difficult to predict. Fond of claiming (of feigning) ignorance with the expression "I grew up on an oxygen farm", keen observers suspect that behind the bluff exterior of a raw-element trader is the intelligence and guile of a man trained from birth to the expectation of wealth and power.