Asimov Institute

Located on Sirius Q0


The Asimov Institute is probably the foremost research organisation on cybernetics and machine intelligence.

In order to remain active it is regarded as essential the the Institute remain strictly within the law, both domestic and international.

Its operating regulations, Rule One states “Under no circumstances can a sentient AI, as defined by the Stickney Treaty, be created."

This has not limited its work to develop better Bright Slaves and to enhance the role of artificial citizens within the Sirius Socialist Republic by adding capabilities and improving their social interaction software.

Past Directors

3079-3089 Professor Crowing
3089-3092 Dr Han
3092-3105 Dr Rossum
3105-3149 Dr Poliakov
3149-3211 Professor Golek
3211-3214 Dr Gandhi
3214 Dr E Baley Acting Director
3215-present Dr Gandhi

Recent Events

The Institute was briefly occupied early in 3214 by Martian ground forces in search of an illegal sentient Artificial Intelligence AI - operating under a modified version of the Stickney Treaty. No AI was found.