Artificial Intelligence Monitoring Service (AIMS)

An international body set up under the auspices of the Stickney Treaty.

Under the first treaty of 2900 the Artificial Intelligence Monitoring Service (AIMS) came into existence. The role of AIMS is to investigate Breaches of the Treaty.

Interstellar AIMS Council,

This is made up of senior representatives of all signatories to the treaty, supported by a secretariat. Day to day operations are supervised by the Director of AIMS Professor Susanne Mockridge.

Current national representatives on the AIMS COuncil as at 3215 are:

Greater Federation of Asteel: Senator Attar
Martian Association of Free Colonies: Senator Frink
Earth Empire & Solar Republic: Senator Armstrong
Venerian Republic: Admiral Konigsberg
Union of Xyon: Professor Natasha Pearson
Wolf 359 Commonwealth: Lord Fanshawe-Hesketh
Sirius Socialist Republic: Senator Sharon Felicitous
Centauri Conglomerate: Mr Karpiak Caffarelli

Multinational investigating teams

These teams operate in all quadrants.

Quadrant Headquarters Head of Mission
0 Gorilla Dr Sheldon Holder
1 Pastpers Dr Lorna Bae
2 Macbeth Dr Amanda Jones
3 Romulus Prof Denae Levin
4 Zen Dr Frederik Plumer
5 Over Dr Ruth Schmit
6 Weygand Dr Elisabeth Malla
7 New Mald Dr James Lee
8 Good Credentials Dr Connie Franking

AIMS investigation teams expect to have total access to all installations, individuals and data that they see fit. Failure to comply with AIMS requests for information, access or interview in a timely manner is a Breach of the Treaty. If an AIMS team formally requests the detention of individuals or seizure of data or other evidence the local authorities are bound to comply and offer such assistance as may be required.
The AIMS teams then produce reports for the AIMS secretariat.