Armed Merchant (AMI)

The correct term for class of specialised armed merchant Starship designed to protect merchant shipping routes from piracy. Not to be confused with the more temporarily armed merchants of the C*A classes, which whilst armed, are not specifically built for combat. A typical AMI has firepower somewhere between that of a destroyer and a light cruiser, and still has cargo space to conduct worthwhile trade.

Weapon systems
2 Heavy Cannon
6 Multi Cannon
6 Chaff / Flares launchers
30 Armed combat crew for self defence
1 Sensor Pack - making its sensors better than the standard civilian starship but inferior to military specification vessels.

Approx tonnage 50,000 tonnes

Maximum acceleration 1 G

Logs Requirement 3
Logs Capacity 10

Operational Crew: 30 (plus the 30 combat crew)