Anton Dec

Anton Dec is a current (3212) Martian Senator and former Chairman of the MAFC's Interstellar Co-ordination Committee.

Anton Dec is senator for Q0 from New Mars, who was re-elected in 3210.

Anton Dec is a member of the Martian Liberal Welfare Party. He was Chairman of the Interstellar Co-ordination Committee from 3206 (following Charles L Harness) to 3210, during which time his administration attempted to make changes to the Martian Space Navy that proved unacceptably radical.

Since 3210 Senator Dec has been a strident critic of the Mars Space Navy (MSN), in particular what he describes as its "...hidebound and inflexible doctrines and inability to adapt to the modern Universe...". He has been gradually gathering support on Old Mars for a re-definition of the role of the MSN in the polity.

In 3215, Senator Dec went on record criticising the current ICC for its poor financial management and its unreasonable obsession with 'fantastical scientific adventures' alluding to recent efforts to capture and study Shadow Hunters, and the discovery (and fighting over) of the Forerunners home-world at Mystery.