SSR Colony world in Quadrant 6.
This system was the scene of major confrontations between Earth and the Sirian Socialist Republic in 3207 to 3209.
A pro-Earth local government under President Von Strucker attempted to break away from the SSR and the attempted seccession was supported by military intervention by Earth.
This precipitated an interstellar crisis, during which the SSR officilly declared war on Earth (though no fighting ensued anywhere other than in Quadrant 6).
Strong international pressure was brought to bear on Earth, and it eventually withdrew military support for the Von Strucker regime, allowing the Sirians to regain control of the system in a short military campaign which ended in the bitter fighting in the Battle of Freedom City, which culminated in the surrender of the Von Strucker 'rebels' on 3209.091. Von Strucker himself escaped at the last moment and was not captured by the Sirians, and he remains at large and wanted by the Sirian authorities for 'war crimes'.