el Attar, Ahmed

Secretary of State Attar

Ahmed el Attar hails from the Quadrant 0 world of Hope where he practiced corporate law before becoming a Reform Party senator.

He replaced Secretary of State Ross T Frink after the former was killed in a freak hover car accident. (Disambiguation : not to be confused with Senator John Frink PhD of the MAFC).
His promotion into the vacant post was a move widely interpreted as the Reform Party positioning Senator Attar for a future presidential bid.

Political analysts categorise Senator Attar as the antithesis of the flamboyant President Potato, he is a conservative family man and member of the Church of Elvis. Occasional leaks have revealed disagreements between the President and Senator Attar on matters of policy. There are also unsubstantiated rumours of interdepartmental backbiting. However, publicly the government appears stronger than ever.

Senator Attar is outspoken proponent of expanding intersteller law and defending sapient rights.