Player Roles

Players formed teams representing the major political groupings. Types of role included:

High Level Political - key political figure such as a senior government minister, a quadrant governor, or member of the political opposition

Low Level Political - junior member of a political team - acting as a diplomat, aide, advisor etc.

Military - the military roles are all at a high level. So military players are concerned with deployments, logistics, support, sustaining operations and choosing the best person to lead task forces or fleets.

Interstellar Media - a vital element of the game will be the dissemination of important news, and the probing and questioning of both political and military player teams. All polities in this universe are, to some degree, democratic - and they have to take account of public opinion.
The media team was the means by which the 'public' get to question the government (think in terms of Newsnight, The Today Programme, or Channel 4 News - this will be challenging and incisive reporting, rather than tabloid reporting).

Specialists - there are some non-governmental individuals who have a key part to play in the political life of the Universe. These include brilliant scientists, famous explorers, media personalities or master criminals.