This megagame was about interstellar politics set several hundred years in the future.
It examined in detail about a year of political, economic and military activity as a variety of political groupings attempted to deal with each other during a period of - if not peace - at least the absence of war.

The background to this game is the same as that used for a long-term and ongoing political/strategic play by email campaign called (admittedly unimaginatively) "The Universe". A great deal of detailed background is available from the game's website: www.theuniverse.org.uk

This megagame was unusual in that it was not a 'one off' game.
The starting conditions were set by the then current position in the main Universe Campaign - all the actions by players in the megagame counted - because it formed part of the main game's continuity.
Once the megagame finished, the permanent players in the ongoing campaign have had to live with the outcomes generated during the megagame.