Current Player List

Casting list for the megagame, as at 19 March 2005
Team 'known as..' Player Provisional Game Role
Interstellar Network News (INN) The Media

Julian Fuller

Head of Interstellar News
Interstellar Forerunner Foundation IFF Guy Sansom
Professor Stone, Director of the IFF
Greater Federation of Asteel (GFA) Esteelers Al Smith Vice President
Jerry Elsmore Secretary of State
Tom Mouat Secretary of Justice
Adam Rutherford Special Emissary
Michael Haley Special Emissary
Mars Association of Free Colonies (MAFC) Martians Simon Pinnel
Supreme Councillor and Chair of ICC
Richard Hands Foreign Minister
Simon Cornelius War Minister
Dave Nilsson Interior Minister
Dave Winch Head of Intelligence
The Centauri Conglomerate Centauri

Chris Hardman

Marketing Director
John Powney Chief Executive
The Earth Empire Earthers

Rob Cooper

First Minister
Dan Fuller Head of Colonial Office
David Weatherall Foreign Minister
John Bassett First Lord of the Admiralty
The Republic of New Venus (RNV) Venerians Graham Attfield
Steve Brown Vice President
Mukul Patel Minister for Moral Affairs
The Sirian Socialist Republic (SSR) Sirians Jurrien deJong Minister of Foreign Affairs
Dave Longley Minister of Defence
Alex Lusted Ambassador
Michael Ambassador
The Union of Xyon (UoX) Xyonists Martyn Potts
Prime Minister
Dave Condliffe Secretary of Defence
The Wolf359 Commonwealth Wolfers Michael Young
Prime Minister
Michael Bishop Minister of Defence
Andy Geliher Minister for Internal Affairs
Game Control Control Jim Wallman Game Control
Peter Howland Outer Quadrants Control
Paul Hill
Bernie Ganley Political Control
Andrew Hadley Events Control
Dave Boundy Timing & Communications