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Friendly Sporting Competition in The Universe
Version 1 © Jim Wallman 1998

Playing area: octagonal area, 19 squares across.
Goals are five squares across. (zipped bitmap of the playing board)

Teams: 2 teams of 6 people each.

Deployment free within each teams own half - but not in the grey area.

Action: Alternate turns.

Each a turn a team has 10 Action Points (AP). AP used as follows:

One AP

  • Move one teamster one square in any direction (including diagonal).
  • Making a tackle on ball holder
  • Intercept or pick up ball
  • Pick up after winning ball in a tackle
  • Jostling (see below)
  • Short Pass ball 2d6 squares in one of 8 fixed directions.

3 AP

  • Medium Pass ball, 3d6 squares

7 AP

  • Long Pass ball, 4d6 squares


The ball is moved in a straight line along one of the eight major axes. If it hits a wall it rebounds with no loss of distance, as appropriate.

If the ball travels exactly the right distance to the receiver, then the receiver can pick it up for zero AP.


It the ball crosses the goal line, kicked or carried, itís a G O A L ! !


There can be only one goalie. The goalie is better at interception than any other team member.

The goalie may not be tackled while in the goal zone.



If the ball passes through an adjacent square, a team member may intercept, whether or not it is that teams turn.

Roll 1d6

Ordinary Teamster


Intercepting a ball in the same square as team member



Interception ball in adjacent square as team member



'Marked' - i.e. enemy teamster in adjacent square -1 from die roll

In the case of a contested interception, the highest interception roll wins. If both are the same, neither manage to intercept.



A tackle uses one AP.

Roll one die for each side, highest score takes possession. If the tackler wins, it takes on extra AP to take possession.

Goalkeepers can't be tackled in the Goal Zone.

If the scores are the same, the ball is knocked free, see the dispersal spider (roll 1d10, 0=0) for direction, and 1d6 for distance knocked free.

Tackling may be done more than once in a player's turn , but there is an increasing risk of a foul

First Tackle (as above), no risk of foul.

Second Tackle, -1 to tackler's die roll, if the tackle fails, it is a foul

Third Tackle, -2 to tackler's die roll, if it fails, it is a foul.


Tackling off the ball : A teamster may attempt to jostle the opposition, and roll dice as if it were a tackle.

If the tackler wins by 2 or more, the loser is pushed to the ground, and may not be used in the next round.

If the tackler loses by 2 or more, then it is a foul.



In the event of a foul, the fouling side loses the initiative and the turn immediately goes to the other side.



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