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The Directors   Permanent Staff (non-directors)
Bennie Parker Mukul Patel   Thundering Mountain Mukul Patel
Smith Smithson Tom Mouat      
Masumi Minogue Richard Hands   Jezebel Pink Richard Hands
Leon Mack-Duff Peter Howland   Manuel Light / Harlan Dunham Peter Howland
Frank Buck James Kemp      
Tony Silverado John Rutherford   Mike Angel John Rutherford
Sir Markus (company sec.) Mike Young      
      Bod X O'Brien Paul HIll
      Jason X Bates Jim Wallman
      Tammie Kaye Jim Wallman
      Dave 'Doc' Garside Dave Winch
      Hiro Nakamuira NPC
      Gillian Samaria Jim Wallman
      Chaz McKeever  
      Ray Fullalove  
      Samantha Beckman Rob Cooper
      Octo Brock Nick Luft
      Trey Johnson III Tom Hayllar
      Carlos O'Brian Chris Felton

Previous Staff
Vladislav Komorov (resigned)(deceased) | Melanie May (deceased) |

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