City of Melodius, Over System, Stardate 3199.191



Lord Bailey, Imperial Governor, Q5 [Jas Kemp]
Feliks Koroyayev, Governor, Venerian Systems [Chris Lucking]
Venerian Admiral Kwarterz, representing CinC CHF [Mukul Patel]
Kimota Kasei, Admiral Martian Fleet Q5 [Simon Cornelius]
Supreme Councillor Antoinette 'Hot 'Toinne' Banderas, Martian [Richard Hands]
Sir Bellingham Tringham, Wolfer Governor [NPC]
Una Persson, Xyonist Representative [NPC]
Alphonse Potato, GFA Governor Q5 [John Rutherford*]
[*HOST and Chairman]
Johann Schmidt, Esteeler Scientist DIrector of TWIT [NPC]
JIM-5000 Bright Slave Support [Jim Wallman]

1. Situation Reports

Adm. Kasei reported on an enormous base has been discovered at Z'ha'dum and a force is concentrating at Dyvita to destroy it. The meeting agreed that the intelligence information being produced by the Esteeler team at OVER was fantastically valuable, though clearly not all scouting efforts are being done by the Xyonists.Gov. Potato, in a statesmanlike move demonstrating his commitment to effective co-operation, agreed to press his military experts to release as many as possible of the token force currently at Over, and it was agreed that he will request to Adm. Bastrop that all military vessels bar the ESS Yamana will be attached to the CHF while Yamana remains on classified intelligence duties.

ACTION: Potato to contact Adm. Bastrop on this point.

2. Establish Objectives

All present decided to adopt Quadrant Seven objectives, which were drafted by the Esteelers of that Quadrant. Herewith is appended sections of Gov. Elgon's 'DRACONIS ADDRESS' which as amended will form our own Q5 Objectives.


1. An Emergency is declared. >snip<

2. The armed forces of all Human Powers in Quadrant 7 are to be treated as allies and all possible support and aid is to be offered. This is to include the sharing of all information about Exterminator whereabouts, intentions and capabilities.

3. As a matter of urgency a Joint Command is to be set up for all Powers in Quadrant Seven. The Supreme Commander is to be the senior officer with the most experience of combat against the Exterminators. >.snip<,Once this is agreed, Esteeler forces will be subject to this Supreme Commander for the duration of the Emergency. I wish to offer the excellent facilities and central location of the Potomax system as a Supreme Command Headquarters and invite allied powers to muster there. I myself will be there in a few days.

4. Initial key military objectives are to include:

a) The bringing to battle and destruction of all Exterminators; (Operation Mjolnir)

b) the capture of Exterminator technology to aid in our ability to understand and combat them; (Operation Loki)

c) the discovery of a means of taking the battle to the enemy by finding and attacking their bases or homeworld (Operation Utgard)

As part of Esteeler commitment to openness and co-operation, I attach a recent Esteeler intelligence report which may be of interest to other Powers. The failure to report promptly to other Powers on our battle at Asstek was a mistake which will not be repeated. I will further state that Esteeler forces have suffered heavy losses which have caused some temporary loss of cohesion, and some communication problems, but this is now being dealt with and our forces are fully operational. I do call upon those Powers so far unengaged to rally to this noble cause; this is your fight too. Together we will prevail.

Governor Rhett Elgon Esteeler Q7

4. Structure of Alliance

All forces are in principle to be committed to the control of the CHF, and a Treaty of Alliance for the duration of the War is herby concluded between all parties. This Alliance is to be reviews and renews annually at our Annual summits [see item below].

5. Rules of Engagement

SECRET PROVISION: all parties agreed the military are to be instructed to maintain a "Fleet In Being" even if this means the unavoidable loss of some colonies - no pointlessly heroic actions are to be fought.

PUBLIC PROVISION: all efforts are to be made to avoid all civilian losses, and a Vote of Confidence in Adm. Kasei's ability to achieve this. Sir Tringham stresses importance of civilian primacy over military; accepted by Gov. Potato, other parties have political reservations. In substance, the CinC of the CHF has agreed to brief all political leqaders equally

6. Status of Forces Agreeement.

All forces agree to treat superior officers of other polities as if they are members of own polity, and all disputes and disciplinary offences to be justiciable accordingly. The details of Courts Martial and other matters are to be clarified by the relevant legal branches of each force and an agreed briefing paper issued to all Senior Commanders for the avoidance of doubt. Esteelers to be assured there is no chance they will be prosecuted in foreign courts, which is against GFA constitution.

7. Sharing Intelligence

The most important item in Q5 is the captured 'Viking' at Peroxide and the following was agreed to maximise its value to the War Effort.

The Esteeler SSI "Yamana" will be made available to a multinational scientific group under the guidance of Prof. Johann Schmidt, who is currently on the proposed science team of the vessel. A representative will be sent by any polity which wishes to do so, and the vessel will set off for Peroxide to examine and report upon the captured "Viking" forthwith, as soon as its sceintific preparation are completed.

ACTION: Gov. Potato to issue orders as necessary.

ACTION: all polities to nominate science team members and arrange rendezvous.

8. Suspension of territorial claims

All parties agreed not to annex any non-aligned systems for the duration of the War. It was further agreed that no plans to do so would be made for at least one year.

9. Enforcement

All agreements reached at this summit will be known collectively as the 'Treaty of Over'.

All parties [except the Venerians*] agreed that any breach of any provision of this Treaty will be regarded as casus belli by all the other polities.

10.  Date of Next Meeting

The next summit will be held at MARTI in one year's time and will be hosted by the Martians.Vote of thanks to Gov. Potato for his superlatively effective facilitation of quality dialogue.


* I found the attached written by Gov. Elgon of Q7 , dated 3198.122 and which I think is relevant.

If any Power fails to commit itself totally to this War, and seeks to obtain some squalid advantage, either by treacherous manoeuvres or by refusing to commit any part of its military forces to the defeat of the Berserkers, (in practical terms, by moving them to the War Front immediately and handing them over to JAC control) the Esteelers in this Quadrant, and most likely in the Home Worlds and other Quadrants too, will consider this a profoundly unfriendly and hostile act. Furthermore, we will seek to persuade all the Powers who have acted in good faith in this co-operative effort to view it in the same light. Other Powers are hereby invited to add their voices to my earnest call to you.