League of Non-Aligned Worlds  

Turn 145
Note: the LONAW is not a military alliance. Apart from the League Diplomatic Flotilla, members' fleets do not form part of a unified command structure, though they do occasionally operate under bipartite arrangements for specific operations.
  Location Composition
Quadrant Zero    
League Diplomatic Flotilla Zubat

1xCAI, 2xAMI, 4xC5A

League Assistance Flotilla Zubat 1 x AMI, 1xC5A, 2xLSSI, 8 xC5
Members' Fleets    
Gorilla Defence Force Gorilla 4 x AMI, 2 C5A, 2 x DDI, 2xGF Div, 1 Indep Mar Regt, 2 indep Pac Sqn
Scouting in Sector CJ 1 x AMI, 2 x C5A
Count Down Militia Count Down 2xMD
Duke defence force Duke AMI, PGD
Vijanta Security Vijanta AMI
Kordon Home Fleet Kordon CAI, 2xC5
Shi'Ar Guard Shi'Ar 3xGFD, LSSI, DDI, 4 x AMI, 4 x C5A
- Kree UI - No defence forces
First Militia Division L99 1xMD
- Benny UI - No defence forces
Home Guard Ra 1xMD
Militia Force Ahriman 1xMD
Wing Defence Division Wing 1xGFD, 2 Indep Pac Sqn
S97 Security S97 1xMD
Croak Security Flotilla Croak C2A, C3A, C5A
Vulcan Defence Force Vulkan 2xMD



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